Solar PV



Our activity is focused on the development, both on its own behalf and for third parties, of photovoltaic solar energy projects, storage and hybridization systems. Additionally, we provide commercial and financial structuring services to support the assets we develop. 

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Improving the future.

Our team has more than 15 years of individual experience and all within an international context.

As significant figures of our management, we have developed and acquired projects and assets with an installed capacity of more than 20 GW and we have about 2 GW in Deal Flow through agreements with co-developers.

work line​

Our line of work is based on identifying the key players in the preliminary phase of the development of photovoltaic projects, we work hand in hand with them, and unifying and incorporating the common interests of each of the parties, we create projects with high added value. that generate minimal impact on communities and the environment.

On the other hand, we are capable of implementing our projects by forging alliances with the different socioeconomic agents of the local communities, always focused on ensuring that the production and commercialization of this clean energy benefits all the groups involved with a character of continuous benefit.

Five-E is currently the co-owner of projects in different stages of development with capacity to be installed around 2 GW. Highlighting among these projects: Those specific to Photovoltaic Solar, as well as those of Hybridizations for existing operating assets.

We continue to actively seek to expand this portfolio both through our own developments and through new co-development agreements.